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We have been exporting tatami since 2000
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Tatami free sample request

Sample request

The date of April 16, 2014
Although we have received a Request for samples from various quarters,
Because there are a lot of parts of the handmade, the stock is empty.
We apologize for the inconvenience but we will send it as soon as possible.

Sample contents
1-Grass cut samples(IGUSA MT201--208)(surface material)
2-Japanese paper cut samples(Complete range)(surface material)
3-Border cut samples
4-Price list

Transportation time
Approx2weeks-3weeks(Economy air mail )

Please provide your phone number and address

S'il vous plaît fournir votre numéro de téléphone et adresse

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 Tatami sample sending out record

 Tatami sample sending out record

We have been mailing all over the world the sample free of charge since 2000.
It had not recorded up to now.
2011 |2012 
USA-1| Germany-1|France-1
Canada-1| Swiss-1|Hawaii-1|Turkey-1|UK-1|Chile-1|Russia-1|NewZealand-1|
UK-1| NewZealand-1|
Sweden-1|USA-3|Canada-1|Czech Republic-1|Vietnam-1|Belarus-1 | HongKong-1|UK-1|Singapore-1|SaudiArabia-1|Australia-1|
Russia-5 | Ukraina-2 | SaudiArabia-1|France-1|UK-1|Canada-1|

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