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Estimate request of tatami

How to deliver your cargo

1.Please enter necessary entries to the estimate form.

Estimate request of TATAMI
2.Our shop investigates the plant quarantine.

The surface of TATAMI is a grass of nature. The license might be necessary according to the country. It is importable now in most countries.
The confirmation of the straw of an internal material is necessary in a lot of countries. EU nations are importable without trouble.
The license of USA is necessary for an internal material (straw). China's inspection certificate is necessary for the surface material (grass of nature).
As for Hong Kong, the inspection certificate is unnecessary. Provided that, an internal material (straw) is prohibited imports in both China and Hong Kong.
3.The estimate is fil to you.

The drawing can be appended.
4.Please claim the sample.

This is used so that our shop may talk while thinking you about the same sample.
Of course, it is free.
Estimate request of TATAMI
5.You must affirm the estimate.

Please question even times how many at any time when there is an uncertain part.
6.Please transfer money to the bank account of our shop when you can consent.

Our Bank Information
7.TATAMI is packed.

How to Pack TATAMI
In packing, there is a small present for you.
8.Luggage is sent out.

After the shipment of the luggage, the required document is mailed to you.
9.The report enters you from the customs broker for the port stop and the airport stop.

Please follow their instructions.
The commission etc. of operation expenses in the customs clearance charge, the tariff expense, the port, and the airport and customs brokers are needed.
Please prepare the delivery to your home by you.
10.As for the customer who applied for the transport to your home, luggage reaches the home front.

Please pay the tariff expense.
About a necessary tax when you receive Tatami
11.About the handling of TATAMI.

Because a lot of packaging materials are generated if packing is opened, I hope those disposal.
TATAMI is not heavy and ..(17-40kg).. do not throw out one's back out, please.
TATAMI is very heavy. Please take care about the waist.
Please do not crush the corner of TATAMI when you move TATAMI.
Please wipe it with the dry towel gently when you wipe the surface of TATAMI.
Please never use the detergent.
Estimate request of TATAMI