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The export record of MORITA tatami mat maker

2000 2001 2002 2003 2004 2005
2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011
2012 2013 2014 2015 2016 2017
2018 2019
Last updated : 5 May , 2019
January:New ZealandFor the individual/MT208/Japanese grass/ TNT 1

January:EnglandFor the corporation /Rice straw tatami mat / Edo size & Kyoto sizeJapanese grass/ MT208 /sea mail FOB 2

January:GermanyFor the corporation /Japanese paper/ Seiryu12/ Fedex 3

February:USAFor the individual / MT201 /Fedex 4

February:USAFor the corporation /Sekisui Migusa Meseki Ivory//
No border /Thickness 15mm / 60pcs /Air mail 5

February:EnglandFor the corporation /MT209 /Finest quality Japanese grass /Fedex 6

March:USAFor the corporation /Zen Dojo/ Japanese tea room /Japanese paper Ginpaku/Sea mail 7

March:USAFor the individual /Japanese tea room/Japanese grass/ Fedex 8

March:GermanyFor the corporation/Rice straw tatami /Kyoto size /MT208 /Japanese grass/Sea mail 10

March:USAFor the individual/MT205/Japanese grass/ Fedex 11

March:TurkeyFor the individual/Japanese paper Ginpaku/ EXWORKS 12

March:USAFor the corporation /MT205 /Japanese Grass / Kotatsu set /  Fedex 13

March:USAFor the individual/Japanese paper / Chura 01 / Fedex 14

March:EnglandFor the corporation /Rice straw tatami/MT205 /Japanese grass /sea mail 15

April:EnglandFor the individual/ Tatami making kit /SAL 16

April:SingaporeFor the individual / MT208 /High quality Japanese grass /Fedex 17

April:FranceFor the individual /Rice straw tatami/MT209/Finest quality Japanese grass / sea mail 18

April:ShanghaiFor the corporation / MT208 /High quality Japanese grass / This tatami has undergone a phytosanitary inspection/I have obtained a certificate of origin/ Fedex 19

April:EnglandFor the corporation/ Movie production company /Japanese paper Ginpaku 15/ DHL 20

January:UKFor the corporation MT208 Fiberboard FOB 1

January:FranceFor the individual MT208 Fiberboard Fedex 2

January:HawaiiFor the corporation  UPS 3

January:MalaysiaFor the corporation MT208 Fiberboard Application for EPA. Take plant quarantine inspection. EXW 4

January:SingaporeFor the individual Japanese paper KOGANEHAKU-fibe/RIce straw mat  Fedex 5

January:GermanyFor the corporation MT208 Rice starw mat  EXW 6

Feruary:IndonesiaFor the corporation Sekisui Migusa Synthetic material - Tatami making kit - Fedex 7

February:UKFor the corporation MT206 Fiberboard  Fedex 8

February:USAFor the individual MT208 Fiberboard Large size  Fedex 9

Feruary:FranceFor the corporation Fiberboard 300pcs 
H&M Video Air DDP 10

February:UKFor the corporation Floor heating compatible tatami  Fedex 11

February:AustraliaFor the corporation MT208  Local Japanese School  CIF 12

March:USAFor the corporation MT208  Fedex 13

March:USAFor the individual MT208  Fedex 14

March:USAFor the individual Tatami making kit JALABC NARITA airport EXWORKS 15

March:GermanyFor the corporation MT205 Rice starw mat Kyoto size EXWORKS 16

March:SingaporeFor the individual ALL-Styrofoam mat Sekisui Migusa Synthetic material Fedex 17

March:USAFor the corporation Sekisui Migusa Synthetic material Kyoto size Fedex 18

March:FranceFor the corporation Tea room  Japanese peper Kogane Fedex 19

March:USAFor the corporation Japanese peper Kogane Kyoto size CIF 20

March:Belgium、For the individual MT205 Floor heating CIF 21

March:USAFor the corporation Tatami making kit For self-made bed frame Fedex 22

March:USAFor the corporation Tatami making kit To change the tatami surface of the tea room Fedex 23

March:CanadaFor the individual Tatami making kit For tearoom Japan post surface mail 24

April:UKFor the corporation MT206 , MT208 , Futon、Warlon, FOB 25

April:SingaporeFor the individual Light and clean tatamiー
”ALL-styrofaonm + Japanerse paper” Fedex 26

April: AustraliaFor the corporation 
”ALL-styrofaonm + Japanerse paper” CIF 27

April:USAFor the corporation Sekisui MIGUSA For tatami benches Fedex 28

April:FranceFor the individual MT206 UPS 29

April:GermanyFor the corporation Japanese peper Seiryu02 Kogane No border tatami Kyoto size Fedex 30

April:AustraliaFor the individual Tatami making kit Fedex 31

April:FinlandFor the individual Tatami making kit Large size Fedex 32

May:EnglandFor the individual Tatami making kit JALABC counter in Haneda airport 33

May:USAFor the corporation Japanese peper Ginpaku#14 SAKURA Large size Fedex 34

May:TaiwanFor the corporation SEKISUI MIGUSA Meseki green No border Fedex 35

May:USAFor the corporation Sekisui MIGUSA Hikime green Large size Fedex 36

May:GermanyFor the corporation MT208 Natural grass
Floor heating support mat Thickness: 15mm EXWORKS 37

June:PhillipinesFor the corporation Japanese paper Ginpaku green Thickness: 15mm FEDEX 38

June:SingaporeFor the corporation MT208C24 FEDEX 39

June:UKFor the corporation MT205 , MT208 ,Traditional Rice straw 、Fiberborad with styrofoam mat FOB 40

June:SingaporeFor the individual Japanese paper Ginpaku Golden color For bed Fedex 41

June:SingaporeFor the corporation MT205C13 ,70pcs ,
We got a certificate of origin. CIF 42

July:IsraelFor the individual MT208 Traditional Rice straw 
We have undergone a plant quarantine inspection.
We got a certificate of origin. CIF 43

July:ItalyFor the individual Japanese paper Seiryu 01 green Large size Fedex 44

July:USAFor the individual/ MT206 /Tatami for tea ceremony /Fedex 45

8月:USAFor the corporation/ Japanese paper/ Seiryu02 Large size /Specially processed thin mat /Fedex 46

8月:EnglandFor the corporation/ MT204/ Install border on all four sides/ Fedex 47

August:EnglandFor the corporation/ MT208 /Rice straw mat / sea mail / 48

August:RomaniaFor the individual/ MT208/ Rice straw mat / sea mail / 49

September:DubaiFor the corporation/ Sekisui Migusa Meseki green(synthetic)/Tatami without border/Triangular tatami mat/ EXWORKS 50

September:SingaporeFor the individual/ Japanese paper Ginpaku 14 / Fedex 51

September:FranceFor the individual/ Japanese paper + All styrofoam/
Japanese-made luxury futon/Pillows with high quality buckwheat noodles from Hokkaido/sea mail 52

September:MoroccoFor the corporation/ Japanese paper / Ginpaku/ EXWORKS 53

September:New ZealandFor the individual/ Japanese paper / Ginpaku / Tatami making kit/ Japan post sea mail 54

September:EnglandFor the individual/ Japanese paper Seiryu11 Gray /Fedex 55

October:FranceFor the individual MT205 /Haneda airport / JAL ABCcounter/ 56

October:EnglandFor the corporation/ Rice straw mat /Tatami Mat for floor heating mat/ sea mail 57

October:USAFor the corporation/ MT208 /Japanese grass (Organic farming, reduced pesticide products)/sea mail 58

October:ItalyFor the individual /Tatami making kit / Japanese paper / EXWORKS 59

October:GermanyFor the corporation/ Tatami Mat for floor heating/Japanese paper / No border tatami / Thickness is 15mm / EXWORKS 60

October:FranceFor the corporation/ Japanese grass + All styrofoam /Kyoto size/Send all the tools for the tea ceremony.
KOTO (Japanese harp)
A complete set of tea room components for the exhibition booth at Salon de Chocolat in Paris ,Fedex 61

October:ThailandFor the corporation/ Sekisui Migusa Meseki Black(Synthetic) / Fedex 62

November:TaiwanFor the corporation/ Sekisui Migusa Meseki green/No border / Thickness is 15mm/ Fedex 63

November:USAFor the individual/ ALL-fiberboard /  MT205/Japanese grass/ Fedex 64

November:GermanyFor the corporation/ Japanese grass / MESEKI omote/ No border tatami/ EX-WORKS 65

November:SingaporeFor the corporation/ MT205/Japanese grass / Thickness is 20mm/ Fedex 66

November:AustraliaFor the individual/Japanese paper / Golden color/ Tatami mat for floor heating /Thickness is 15mm /TNT 67

November:MyanmarFor the corporation/ Sekisui Migusa Meseki green/No border/Deformed semi-circular tatami mat/Thickness is 15mm/EX-WORKS 68

November:USAFor the individual /Japanese paper Seiryu09 Black/No border/Thickness is 15mm/ Fedex 69

December:SingaporeFor the individual MT201 / Fedex 70

December:USAFor the corporation/ Japanese grass / Meseki omote MT207 / Fedex 71

December:USAFor the individual /MT206 /Japanese grass / Fedex 72

December:PolandEmbassy of Japan in Poland /MT208 /High qulity Japanese grass / sea mail 73

December:EnglandFor the corporation/ MT208 /Rice straw tatami/Kyoto size / sea mail 74

December:SwitzerlandFor the individual MT208/Rice straw tatami/Edo size/Cypress timber /sea mail 75

December:SingaporeFor the corporation/ MT208/Rice straw tatami/Kyoto size/Thickness is 30mm / Install border on all four sides/ DHL 76

December:USAFor the individual/ Sekisui Migusa Meseki green(Synthetic), / Fedex 77

December:EnglandFor the corporation/ For filming /Goza sheets/ Fedex 78

December:SingaporeFor the individual /Japanese grass Meseki omote /Kyoto size/No border tatami/ sea mail 79

December:SingaporeFor the corporation/ MT208/Rice straw tatami/Kyoto size/Thickness is 30mm / Install border on all four sides/ DHL 80

December:USAFor the corporation/Japanese paper / FEDEX 81

January:SwitzerlandFor the individual Floor heting support tatami mat MT208 FOB 1

January:SwitzerlandFor the individual MT208Rice straw tatami mat Ocean freight service 2

January:SingaporeFor the individual Japanese paper"Ginpaku 15 Wihite brown"Kyoto size  Fedex 3

February:USAFor the corporation MT201 Fedex 4

February:SingaporeFor the corporation Japanese style room for tea ceremony、Japanese paper"Ginpaku natural green"  Kyoto size ALL-Styrofoam Tea ceremony tool sets Fedex 5

February:UKFor the corporation MT206 Rice straw tatami mat FOB 6

February:USAFor the corporation Photo studio Sekisui MIGUSA 60pcs Special shoji sliding door with frame   Ocean freight service 7

February:SingaporeFor the individual MT208 Kyoto size Aroundvborder Fedex 8

February:USAFor the corporation Sekisui MIGUSA All-StyrofoamJapanese style room for tea ceremony Fedex 9

March:USAFor the corporation Sekisui MIGUSA Japanese style room for tea ceremony Fedex 10

March:FinlandFor the individual Japanese paper"Ginpaku KOGANE" Sofa Ocean freight service 11

March:USAFor the corporation Sekisui MIGUSA Japanese style room for tea ceremony Fedex 12

March:UKFor the corporation MT208 Rice straw tatami mat 24pcs 、Japanese Roof tile"KAWARA"、Straw materials、FOB 13

March:USAFor the corporation Sekisui MIGUSA Japanese style room for tea ceremony Fedex 14

March:PolandFor the individual Tatami making kit MT205 EX-works 15

March:SingaporeFor the corporation Japanese paper"Ginpaku KOGANE" EX-works 16

April:USAFor the corporation Fedex 17

April:FranceFor the individual MT208 Fedex 18

April:USAFor the corporation(Portland Japanese garden) MT204 All-styrofoam Fedex 19

April:USAFor the individual Japanese paper"Ginpaku KOGANE" Kyoto size Fedex 20

April:PortugalFor the corporation MT208 EX-Works 21

April:UKFor the corporation MT208 Floor heating support tatami Ocean freight service 22

April:USAFor the corporation The Museum of Fine Arts, Houston Sekisui MIGUSA Fedex 23

April:USAFor the individual Japanese paper"Seiryu Cocktail fit 9" ,No border tatami, Floor heating support tatami Fedex 24

April:AustraliaFor the corporation MT206 Ocean freight service 25

May:Hong KongFor the individual MT208 Fedex 26

May:SingaporeFor the individual MT208 Fedex 27

May:TaiwanFor the corporation apanese paper"Ginpaku KOGANE" EX-Works 28

May:UKFor the corporation MT208 Rice straw tatami mat、Kyoto size、Futon Joint purchase、Ocean freight serviceFOB 29

June:UkraineFor the corporation MT208 Tatami making kit、FOB 30

June:USAFor the individual MT206 Japanese traditional tea room Fedex 31

June:USAFor the corporation Tatami without border - Thin mat Fedex 32

June:UKFor the corporation Wall coating material Fedex 33

June:USAFor the corporation Japanese paper "GINPAKU" Thin mat Fedex 34

July:USAFor the individual MT205 Fedex 35

July:USAFor the individual Japanese paper "GINPAKU" Kyoto size 3 layers of soft sheet specification Fedex 36

July:SingaporeFor the individual SEKISUI MIGUSA Meseki green Tatami without border Fedex 37

July:USAFor the individual Japanese paper "SEIRYU 11 Silver gray" tatami making kit Fedex 38

August:Hong kongFor the individual MT208 All fiberboard CIF 39

August:SwitzerlandFor the corporation Wall coating material Japanese roof tile CIF 40

August:SwedenFor the individual MT201&FUTON CIF 41

August:USAFor the individual Tatami making kit Fedex 42

August:USAFor the individual Tata,mi making kit Japanese paper "SEIRYU 11 Silver gray & SEIRYU 09 Black Fedex 43

August:SingaporeFor the individual Japanese paper "GINPAKU" Large size Fedex 44

August:New ZEALANDFor the corporation MT201 Pictured tatami Fedex(TNT) 45

August:ItalyFor the individual MT208 Straw mat Fedex 46

August:MalaysiaFor the individual Japanese paper "GINPAKU"Tatami making kit JALABC EX-works 47

August:ItalyFor the corporation ROME HAMSEI様 Japanese paper Fedex 48

September:GermanyFor the corporation Japanese paper"Seiryu11 Silver gray" Thin mat 3 sides border、Japanese paper "GINPAKU" Large size  EX-works 49

September:MalaysiaFor the corporation SEKISUI MIGUSA Thina mat Fedex 50

September:IsraelFor the corporation MT205 Deformed tatami 
We have been inspected at the Yokohama Plant Protection Station Tokyo branch.EX-Works 51

September:USA4,NZ1For the corporation Sample mat、 Fedex 52

October:KoreaFor the corporation Rice strw MT208 
We have been inspected at the Yokohama Plant Protection Station Tokyo branch. FOB 53

October:USASchool corporation MT208 Fedex 54

October:UKFor the corporation MT208Rice straw、MT208Floor heating compatible tatami-4 sides border FOB 55

October:FranceFor the individual MT207Rice straw、Fusuma、Tenbukuro、Shouji、CIF 56

October:USAFor the corporation SEKISUI MIGUSA Thin mat Meseki green 
To:JALABC counter in Kansai air port EXWORKS 57

October:AustraliaFor the corporation Tatami making kit Japanese paper"Seiryu 16" EMS 58

November:GermanyFor the corporation MT208 ZEN dojo EXWORKS 59

November:MyanmarFor the corporation Tatami making kit SEKISUI MIGUSA Meseki Leaf green EMS 60

November:ChinaFor the corporation MT208
We have been inspected at the Yokohama Plant Protection Station Tokyo branch. Certificate of origin EXW 61

November:SingaporeFor the individual MT208 Fedex 62

November:DubaiFor the corporation Certificate of origin MT206 FOB 63

November:ThailandFor the corporation Japanese style room in a yacht MT208Straw mat Fedex 64
We have been inspected at the Yokohama Plant Protection Station Tokyo branch.

December:UKFor the corporation  MT208 Large size straw mat FOB 65

December:SpainFor the corporation  Japanese paper "SEIRYAU 09 Black" A special thin sheet backed Fedex 66

December:USAFor the corporation  Sekisui MIGUSA HIKIME Leaf green Special backed Tatami without border.65pcs Fedex 67

December:USAFor the individual  MIGUSA HIKME Green Kyoto size Fedex 68

December:ItalyFor the corporation  Tatami making kit Large size Fedex 69

January : New ZealandFor the movie corporation""Ghost in the Shell",Japanese paper "Seiryu 01" Fedex1

January : SingaporeFor the individual ,Japanese paper "Chura 02" ,Sea mail 2

January : SpainFor the corporation, MT201, ALL-styrofoam ,EMS 3

January : VietnamFor the corporation ,Tatami making kit, EX-works 4

February : EnglandFor the corporation, Floor heating support MT206 Fedex 5

February : AustraliaFor the corporation MT206Large size,Antique, Ocean freight service 6

February :USAFor the individual Tatami making kit Japan post 7

February :USAFor the individual, MT208,Fedex 8

March : EnglandFor the corporation, MT208,Floor heating support Ocean freight service 9

April : GermanyFor the corporation(Japanese Restaurant SANSARO ) MT208Large size ,Tatami was extremely deformed, Ocean freight service 10

April : CanadaFor the corporation URASENKE MT208Large size,Tokonoma,Usuberi(goza) Fedex 11

April : ItalyFor the corporation(For the Ships interior) Japanese paper "Seiryu11 Gray" Fedex 12

April : HawaiiFor the corporation MS202 ,Tatami without border, Ocean freight service 13

May : AustraliaFor the corporation MT208 Japanese tea room Air mail 14

May : NetherlandsFor the individual, Japanese paper"GINPAKU"  Up to Rotterdam CFS 15

May : FranceFor the individual, MS202 Tatami without border  Japan post 16

May : GermanyFor the corporation MT206 Japanese traditional straw mat  Ocean freight service 17

May : SwitzerlandFor the individual, MT205 Tatami making kit EX-works 18

May : New ZealandJapanese Association MT206  Air mail 19

May : LithuaniaFor the corporation MT206 Floor heating support mat  Air mail 20

May : USAFor the individual, MT205 Tatami making kit EX-works 21

May : Hong KongFor the corporation MS202 Tatami without border  Ocean freight service 22

June : GermanyFor the corporation Japanese paper "Seiryu09 , 12"  Fedex 23

June : DubaiFor the corporation Opera house Kohantei SEKISUI MIGUSA Tatami with out border 57pcs  KAMIGUMI-Ocean freight service24

June : GermanyFor the corporation ZEN doujou MT204Large size (cercle cut) 27pcs Ocean freight service25

June : ItalyFor the corporation Japanese ,MT208 ,HINOKI SPA EX-Works 26

July : GermanyFor the corporation MT206 Ocean freight service 27

July : GermanyFor the corporation, MT208Floor heating support mat、MT208Japanese traditional straw mat, Ocean freight service 28

July : GermanyFor the corporation, Sekisui Migusa Meseki Pink, For Armor museum, EX-Works 29

July : EnglandFor the corporation MT208Floor heating support mat、 Japanese paper Seiryu16 Without border Floor heating support mat ,WARLON, Ocean freight service 30

August : Hong KongFor the individual, Japanese paper GINPAKU 10 Milk white Fedex 31
August:ThailandFor the corporation Tatami making kit 111pcs Sekisui MIGUSA  Ocean freight service 32
August:JordanFor the corporation Japanese paper " Seiryu09 Black " Air 33

September : UKFor the corporation MT208Floor heating support tatami mat,Futon Ocean freight service 34

September:USAFor the individual Japanese paper " Seiryu10 Milk white " Fedex 35

September:USAFor the individual MT208ALL-Styrofoam Kyoto size Fedex 36

September:GermanyFor the corporation Japanese paper " Seiryu Stripe 03 " Fedex 37

September:SingaporeFor the corporation Japanese paper "Ginpaku color KOGANE " Fedex 38

September:FranceFor the individual MT208 Ex works 39

September:USAFor the individual MT208,Japanese paper " Ginpaku Natural green " Fedex 40

September:SwitzerlandFor the individual MT208 Fedex 41

October:LithuaniaFor the corporation MT208、MT207,Japanese paper "Ginpaku color KOGANE "、 Japanese paper "Seiryu CHURA 01 " Air 42

October:HawaiiFor the individual Japanese paper " Ginpaku Natural green "、 Japanese paper " Seiryu01 No border Natural green " Ocean freight service 43

October:FranceFor the individual Tatami making kit Kansai International Airport ABC counter EX-Works 44

October:Hong KongFor the corporation 2 sets of special shoji sliding door, 2 sets of frame for sliding door Fedex 45

November:IndonesiaFor the corporation MS201(Natural grass tatami mat), We have undergone inspection at plant quarantine station and obtained permission. Fedex 46

November:UKFor the corporation MT208Rice straw tatami mat , Futon Ocean freight service 47

November:MyanmarFor the corporation Sekisui MIGUSA "Ichimatsu BLACK"、"HIKIME green" Ocean freight service 48

December:TaiwanFor the corporation Sekisui MIGUSA MESEKI mocha beige Fedex 49

December:MyanmarFor the corporation Sekisui MIGUSA MESEKI green Tatami making kit EMS 50

December:UKFor the corporation Japanese paper "Ginpaku 15 Wihite brown" Fedex 50

December:FranceFor the individual MT208Rice straw tatami mat Ocean freight service 51

December:UKFor the corporation Welsh National Opera Japanese paper "Ginpaku Natural green" Fedex 52

December:UKFor the individual Sekisui MIGUSA HIKIME green、ICHIMATSU Leaf green、Kyoto size Fedex 53

December:Hong KongFor the corporation Japanese paper "Ginpaku 14 SAKURA""Seiryu Stripe 03"、ALL-styrofoam Fedex 54

December:CanadaFor the corporation MT205 Fedex 55

January : New Zealand --For the individual - MT208 with Fiber board Sea mail 1

January : Singapore --For the individual - Japanese paper"Seiryu09 Black"- Tatami without border- Straw core- Sea mail 2

January : Lithuania --For the individual - MT208 ALL Fiber board - Futon-Sea mail 3

February : Spain --For the corporation - MT208 ALL Styrofoam t:30mm - EX-works 4
1 2 3

February : Malaysia --For the corporation - MT205 FIberboard - EX-works 5

March : Egypt --For the corporation - Japanese paper "Ginpaku" ALL Styrofoam t:60mm - Air mail 6

March : Australia --For the individual - Tatami making kit - Air mail 7
1 2 3

March : Italy --For the corporation - Fiber board t:30mm Sea mail 8

March : UK --For the corporation - Floor heating support- t:29mm Fedex 9

March : The Netherlands --For the individual- MT208 - All fiberboard Sea mail 10

March : Hong Kong --For the corporation- MT207 - fiberboard EX-works 11

March : Germany --For the corporation- MT208 - Straw core Fedex 12

March : Napal --For the corporation- Judo mat 60pcs & Judo uniform- Donation projects - DHL 13
1 2 3 4 5 6 7

April : Cambodia --For the corporation- MT206 - All stayrofoam- Japanese tea room - Sea mail 14

April : Canada --For the individual- Japanese paper "Ginpaku"-Bluish purple cotton border - Fiberboard Japanese tea room - Fedex 15

April : UK --For the corporation - Floor heating support- t:29mm Fedex 16

April : France --For the individual - MT208- Straw core -Sea mail 17

May : UK --For the corporation - Tatami rug - Japanese paper "Seiryu 10 & Seiryu 14"- Fedex 18

May : Germany --For the Individual- Japanese paper " Ginpaku" - Fiberboard Laege size- EX-works 19

May : Philippines --For the corporation - Tatami & Tatami making kit - Japanese paper "Ginpaku"- Sea mail 20

May : France --For the corporation - MT208-All fiberboard- Fedex 21

May : New Zealand --For the individual - Tatami making kit - Ex-works 22

May : Germany --For the individual - Tatami making kit - EMS 23

June : Australia --For the individual - Japanese paper "Koganehaku"-Fiberboard-Ex-works 24

June : New Zealand --For the individual - Tatami making kit - Japanese paper"Seiryu 01"-EMS 25

June : Singapore --For the individual - MT208 - Fiberboard - Fedex 26

June : Australia --For the individual - Tatami making kit - Surface mail 27

June : Austaralia --For the individual - Tatami making kit - Japanese paper"Ginpaku"-EMS 28

June : Canada --For the individual - MT205 for TOKONOMA - Fedex 29

July : kingdom of Saudi Arabia --For the corporation - MT208-Large size- Fedex 30

July:Germany--For the individual - MT208 Large size Fedex 31
July:The Netherland--For the individual - MT206、Tatami making kit、Kimono、 Sea mail 32

August:France--For the individual - MT208、Sea mail 33

August:UK--For the corporation -  MT206Large size、Fedex 34

August:Singapore--For the individual - Japanese paper Koganehaku、Fedex 35

August:Hong Kong--For the individual - Japanese paer Seiryu12、Fedex 36

August:Finland--For the corporation - Japanese paer Seiryu12 No border straw tatami、Fedex 37

August:USA--For the individual - Tatami making kit EMS 38

September:Germany--For the individual - Tatami making kit SAL 39

September:Germany--For the corporation - Modeling for tatami construction Fedex 40

September:Philippines--For the corporation -  Japanese paer GINPAKU mat & Kit Sea mail 41

September:Bhutan--For the corporation - Austrian government donation projects Judou mat 60pcs 42
1 2 3 4 5 6

September:New Zealand--For the individual - Tatami making kit Sea mail 43

September:Italy--For the corporation - Japanese paper Seiryu11 It is as a material for furniture production. EMS 44

September:New Zealand--For the individual - Tatami making kit Sea mail 45

October:India--For the corporation - Japanese paper Ginpaku Sea mail 46

October:USA--For the corporation - MT206 ALL-styrofoam mat Sea mail 47

October:USA--For the individual - Japanese paper Special orders tatami for the Japanese tea house ,With softsheet, Fedex 48

October:Singapore--For the individual - Special orders tatami. Thickness 7cm Fedex 49
October:Tanzania--For the corporation - Sekisui MIGUSA No border tatami EX-Works 50

November:Switzerland--For the individual - Japanese paper Seiryu11 Tatami making kit &Fleece material EMS 51

November:New Zealand--For the corporation -Movie maker ,Border EMS 52

November:Sweden--For the individual - Custom-made straw tatami MT208 Fedex 53

November:UK--For the corporation - MT206 Straw mat , Floor heating support mat Sea mail 54

December:Malaysia--For the corporation - Japanese paer GINPAKU Tatami making kit EMS 55

December:USA--For the individual - Japanese paer GINPAKU TOKONOMA EMS 56

December:France--For the individual - SEKISUI MIGUSA With soft sheet Fedex 57

December:UK--For the individual - Tatami making kit EMS 58

December:USA--For the individual - Tatami making kit EMS 59

December:France--For the individual - MT205 Sea mail 60

December:New Zealand--For the individual - Japanese paer GINPAKU Haneda Airport ABC counter addressed 61

December:Singapore--For the individual - Japanese paer GINPAKU+ALL-styrofoam mat Sea mail 62

December:Vietnam--For the individual - Japanese paer GINPAKU Fedex 63

December:Singapore--For the individual - Japanese paer GINPAKU Fedex 64

December:Malaysia--For the corporation - Sekisui MIGUSA Tatami making kit EMS 65
Earth color NO.2Ground| Earth color NO.3 Geo|
Earth color NO.4 Night forest| Earth color NO.5 Autumn leaves|
Earth color NO.8 Midnight| Ichimatsu Gray|
Ichimatsu Dark brown| Ichimatsu Black|

December:USA--For the individual - Tatami making kit EMS 66

January : Germany--For the corporation(Finest All-fiberboard tatami , Finest Floor heating support tatami , Ranma , Sea mail)

January : Singapore--For the individual(Tatami making kit MT208 , EMS)

January : Germany--For the corporation(Finest All-fiberboard tatami , FEDEX)

January : Singapore--For the individual(Tatami making kit )

February : Greece--For the individual(Japanese paper " Ginpaku" ,Fiberboard tatami , Japanese tearoom , Sea mail )

February : Thailand--For the corporation(Japanese paper " Ginpaku" ,Fiberboard tatami ,Ex-works )

February : UK--For the corporation(All-Fiberboard tatami ,FOB )

March : Russia--For the corporation (Japanese paer "GINPAKU" Fiberboard tatami , Ex-works )

March : USA--For the individual (Japanese paper " Ginpaku bright green " Fiberboard ,Ex-works )

March : Dubai--For the individual (Tatami making kit ,Ex-works )

April : Germany--For the corporation (Floor heating support tatami , Fedex)

April : Singapore--For the individual (Finest fiberboard tatami with soft seet , FOB)

April : USA--For the individual (Tatami making kit)

April : USA--For the individual (Japanese paper " Ginpaku bright green" ,Fiberboard with 3 layer soft seet , Fedex)

April : France--For the individual (Straw tatami ,MUJI futon , Fedex)

April : HongKong--For the individual (Straw tatami , Fedex)

May : Russia--For the individual (Tatami making kit,EX-works)

June : Philippines--For the individual (Japanese paper"Ginpaku",Fedex)

June : Fnland--For the individual (Tatami making kit,SAL)

June : USA--For the corporation (Japanese paper"Ginpaku",Fedex)

June : USA--For the corporation (Japanese paper"Ginpaku",2 layer soft sheets,Fedex)

June : Australia--For the individual (Grass made in Japan,Sea mail CIF)

June : UK--For the corporation (Grass made in Japan,Straw mat,Futon covering,Waron,Sea mail FOB )

June : Singapore--For the corporation (Used to work for the re-covered tea house in the Japanese high school. Tatami making kit , FEDEX )

June : France--For the corporation (Japanese paper"Seiryu11" EMS )

July : Hong Kong--For the individual (Japanese paper"Ginpaku" Large size,Fedex)

January : UK--For the corporation(Grass,Straw,Futon)

February : HongKong--For the individual(Japanese paper "GINAPAKU",Large size , FEDEX)

February : USA---For the corporation(Tatami making kit,SAL)

February : Germany----For the individual(Grass + Straw tatami )

February : Germany---For the individual(Japanese paper + Fiberboard tatami )

February : Australia---For the corporation(Japanese paper + Fiberboard tatami KAMON tatami)

March : Dubai---For the corporation(Japanese paper + Fiberboard tatami)

March : Aistralia---For the individual(Tatami making kit "Japanese paper )

April : France---For the individual(Grass + Straw tatami )

April : Thailand----For the corporation(Japanese paper + Fiberboard tatami and Wallpaper )

April : USA---For the individual(Tatami making kit)

May : Malaysia---For the individual(Grass+ Fiber tatami , Zaisu ,Table)

May : South Africa---For the individual(Grass+Fiber tatami , EX-Works)

May : UK---For the corporation(Floor heating corresponding Tatami,Futon,Waron)

May : USA---For the corporation(SCOTTSDALE MUSEUM OF CONTMPORARY ART ,Grass+Fiber tatami,Fedex)

June :UK---For the individual(Grass+fiber tatami , Fusuma,Ranma)

June : Singapore---For the individual(Length is 223cm , All round border , Highest grass+Fiber tatami,Fedex)

June : Singapore---For the individual(Highest grass+Fiber tatami,Fedex)

June : France---For the individual(Japanese paper+fiber tatami,Fedex)

July : Germany---For the individual(Highest grass+Straw tatami)

July : New Zealand---For the individual(Tatami making kit)

July : France---For the corporation(Custom made highest tatami ,Japanese paper,Highestgrass, Airmail)

July : UK---For the corporation(Grass+Straw tatami , Futon,12m3)

July : New Zealand---For the corporation(Tatami making kit, Highest grass)

July : USA---For the corporation(No border straw tatami)

August : Hong Kong---For the individual(No border tatami,Japanese paper,Fedex)

August : Canada--For the individual(Tatami making kit , EX-Works)

August :Australia---For the individual(Highest grass+fiber tatami , Futon,Kotatsu,Zaisu)

August :USA---For the corporation(Japanese tea room , Tokonoma )

August : Ireland---For the individual(Grass + Fiberboard tatami )

September : Turkey---For the corporation(Meseki-omote + Fiberboard , No border tatami , Air mail)

September : Germany---For the individual(Grass + Fiberboard tatami ,FEDEX)

September : New Zealand---For the individual(Japanese paper+ Fiberboard tatami , Sea mail)

September : USA ---For the corporation(Tatami making kit , SAL)

October : France ---For the corporation(Finest tatami , Sea mail)

October : Switzerland ---For the individual-repeat guests(Finest tatami , Futon ,Sea mail)

October : Singapore ---For the individual(Finest Japanese cypress tatami , Fedex)

October : Switzerland ---For the individual(Finest tatami , Shouji , Fusuma , Kamoi ,Sea mail)

November : UK ---For the corporation(Japanese straw tatami , Fiberboard tatami ,Futon ,20ft FCL)

November : Austaralia ---For the individual(Tatami making kit , Japanese paper " KOGANEHAKU")

November : France ---For the individual(Finest large size tatami , Tatami without border , Fedex)

November : USA ---For the individual(Tatami making kit )

December : France ---For the individual(Finest tatami without border , Fedex)

December : USA ---For the individual(Finest fiberboard tatami , Air mail)

December : Thailand ---For the individual(Japanese paper"Ginpaku bright green" fiberboard tatami , Kumamon border ,Goza , Fedex)

December : NewZealand ---For the individual(Japanese paper"Seiryu02" fiberboard tatami with soft seet , Sea mail)

December : Germany ---For the individual(Tatami making kit , In order to re-cover the surface of the Tatami mat. , Ex-works)

December : Ethiopia ---Japanese Embassy in Ethiopia
(Tatami making kit , They used it for re-covering construction of Tatami mat of the tea-ceremony room in a presidential palace. It is construction for Prime Minister Abe's visit to Ethiopia. , Ex-works)

January :Sweden--For the individual(Grass,Fiberboard)

January : UK--For the corporation(Grass,Straw,Fiberboard,Futon)

February : Vietnam--For the corporation(Japanese paper"Seiryu",Fiberboard)

February : Australia--For the corporation(Grass,Fiberboard,Ryukyu-tatami,Tokonoma-Monberi)

February : USA--For the individual

March : Germany--For the individual(Japanese paper,Corresponding tatami floor heating)

March : Swiss--For the individual(Grass,Straw,Futon)

March : France--For the individual(Grass,Fiberboard)

March : Italy--For the corporation(Japanese paper,fiberboard"Ristorante Giapponese hamasei

March : Singapore--For the individual(Japanese paper,Large fiberboard)

May : Singapore--For the corporartion(Grass,Fiberboard)

May : Hawaii--For the corporation(Grass,Fiberboard,Ryukyu-tatami)

May : USA--For the individual

May :USA--For the individual

May : Russia--For the corporation(Grass,Kyouto-tatami)

June :Hong Kong--For the corporation(Grass,Fiberboard,Ryukyu-tatami)

July : Australia--For the corporation(Grass,fiberboard)

July : Sweden--For the corporation(Japanese paper,Fiberboard,Qty114pcs)

July : UK--For the corporation(Grass,Fiberboard)

July : Australia--For the corporation(Japanese paper,Large size "National Gallery of Victoria"

July : Singapore--For the individual(Construction remake the tatami by Tatami making kit)

August : Singapore--For the corporation(Grass,Fiberboard)

August : USA--For the individual(Tatami for the Queen size bed,Construction remake the tatami by Tatami making kit)

September :Iran--For the corporation(Japanese paper,Fiberboard,For the japanese style hotel)

Sptember : Australia--For the individual(Japanese paper,Fiberboard,Ryukyu-tatami)

October : UK--For the corporation(Grass,Straw,Thin tatami)

October : Hong Kong--For the corporation(Tatami chair,Thicness is 18cm,Grass,Fiberboard)

November : Philippines--For the corporation(Japanese paer,Fiberboard)

November :Norway--For the corporation(Japanese paper,Large size fiberboard,Ryukyu-tatami)

November : Hong Kong--For the corporation(Tatami chair,Thicness is 18cm,Grass,Fiberboard)

December :Singapore--For the corporation(Japanese paper,Fiberboard)

December : Malaysia--For the individual(Tatami making kit)

December : Malaysia--For the corporation(Japanese paper,Fiberboard)
January : Sweden---For the individual(Ex-works)

January: Canada--For the corporation

January:HongKong--For the corporation(Ex-works)

March:France---For the individual(Tatami making kit)

March:New zealand---For the corporation(Tatami making kit)

March : Italy---For the individual(Tatami,Shouji ,Futon,Zaisu)

March : Hawaii--For the corporation

June : Saudi arabia---For the corporation

June : Swiss---For the individual(Straw tatami Large size,with hole)

June : UK ----For the corporation(20ft FCL Straw tatami , Floor heating tatami , futon)

July : Italy---For the individual(Fedex)

July : USA--- For the individual(Tatami making kit , Syouji , Fusuma)

July : Sweden---- For the individual(Tatami making kit)

August : UK----For the corporation (Straw tatami)

August :Germany---For the corporation(Japanese paper "KOGANEHAKU" special border"MONBERI")

August : >France---For the corporation(Straw tatami )

August :HongKong---For the corporation(Tatami making kit To exchange surfaces of Tatami)

August : NewZealand---For ther individual(Tatami making kit)
January : UK---For the corporation(Grass of nature + Straw )

January :Mexico---For the individual(Japanese paper+ Fiberboard)

January : HongKong---For the individual(Grass of nature + Fiberboard)

February : Norway---For the individual(Grass of nature + Straw wide)

February : USA---For the individual(Tatami making kit)

March : Sweden---For the individual(Grass of nature + Fiberboard)

March : USA---For the individual(Tatami making kit)

April : UK---For the corporation(Grass of nature + Straw,Grass of nature + Fiberboard , Grass of nature + Fiber board for floor heating)

April : Hungary---Individual group buying ( Grass of nature + Fiberboard)

April : Sinagapore---For the individual(Grass of nature + Fiberboard)

May : Sinagapore---For the individual ( Japanese paper + Fiberboard)

May : Nepal---Judo mat for orphanage(20FT FCL - Vinyl + Fiberboard)

May : Denmark---For the individual(Grass of nature +Straw,Without border,Large size)

June : Singapore---For the individual(Grass of nature + Fiberboard, By Fedex)

June :Geramany---For the corporation(Family mark of Japan of old "KAMON border"

June : Belgium---For the individual(Tatami making kit)
For paste and to substitute the surface of Tatami of the Japanese tearoom

June : Czech Republic---For the individual(Tatami making kit)

June : Switzerland---For the individual(Straw + Grass of nature , For the chiropractic treatment room)

June : USA---For the individual(Without border)

July : SPAIN--For the individual(Straw +Grass of nature)

July : Australia--For the individual(Tatami making kit)

July : UK---For the individual(Tatami making kit)

July : Norway---For the individual(Tatami making kit)

August : UK---For the corporation(Straw mat , Shouji paper"WARLON" ,Incense stick"

August : HongKong---For the corporation(Plant (suraface)mat)

September : Australia---For the individual(Japanese paper mat "KOGANEHAKU")

September : Costa Rica---For the individual(Plant mat , EX-WORKS)

September : USA---For the corporation(Tatami making kit)

September : UK ---For the corporation(Straw mat)

September : The Netherlands---For the individual(Thin mat)

October : Switzerland---For the individual(Plant mat EX-WORKS)

October : Saudi Arabia---For the corporation(20feet full Container, Plant mat, ZAISU , ZAISU mat

October : USA---For the individual(Plant mat EX-WORKS)

November: Sweden---For the individual(Japanese paper"KOGANEHAKU")

November: Germany---For the individual(Japanese paper"KOGANEHAKU")

December: Morocco---For the corporation(20feet full Container, Plant mat)
January: Hong Kong---For the individual

January:The Netherlands---For the corporation

January:UK--- For the individual Tatami making kit

January:Argentina---For the corporationTatami making kit

January:USA--- For the individual Tatami making kit

January:France---For the individual

February:USA---For the individual

February:Hong Kong---For the corporation

March:Hong Kong---For the corporation

March:Russia---For the individualJapanese paper mat

April : Hong Kong---For the corporation

May:Australia---For the corporation

June:UK---For the individual

June:USA---For the corporation

June : Sweden---For the corporation

June: Switzerland---For the individual<Tatami for floor heating support and Shouji screen set>

July : UK---For the individual(Organic tatami)

July : Switzerland----For the individual

July :USA---For the individual

September : Malaysia---For the individual

October : Australia---For the individual>

October : USA---For the individual

November : Hungary---For the corporation

December : Hong kong---For the individual

December :USA---For the corporation

December : USA---For the individual

December : Sweden---For the corporation 20ftContainer FCL

December : Sweden---For the individual

December : USA---For the individual

December : Switzerland---For the individual

December : UAE---For the corporation
January: Thailand---For the corporation

February: Czech Republic--- For the individual --Tatami making kit

February: UK--- For the individual

February: Philippine--For the individual

March: Switzerland---For the individual

April:Germany.---For the corporation

May:Paraguay---For the corporation

June:Germany---For the individual

June:Italy---For the individualTatami making kit

June:Czech Republic---For the individualTatami making kit

June:Singapore---For the individual

July:USA---For the individualTatami making kit

July:Turkey---For the corporation

July:Germany---For the corporation

July:New Caledonia---For the individual

July:UK---For the individual

July:UK---For the corporation

Sptember:Italy---For the individual

September:Australia---For the individual

October:UK---For the corporation

October:Italy---For the individual

November:Australia---For the individual
January: Italy--- For the individual --Tatami making kit

January: Germany---For the corporation

February: UK-- Joint buying in individual externals -- 2 persons

February: UK ---For the corporation

March: France ---For the individual

April:UK---For the individual

May:Mexico---For the individual

June:UK ---For the corporation

August:China---For the individual

September: USA---For the individual

November: Germany---For the corporation

November: Greece---For the corporation

November: Sweden ---For the individual

December: Luxembourg ---For the individual

December:Italy--- For the individual --Tatami making kit

December:Georgia---For the corporation

December:Germany---For the individual

March: USA--For the corporation

March: Germany---For the individual

March:Singapore---For the individual

April: Singapore ---For the individual

June:Finland---For the individual

June: Ireland---For the individual

July: USA---For the individual

July: Ireland ---For the corporation

July: Israel---For the corporation

August: USA---For the individual

September: Romania---For the individual

October: Germany---For the individual

November: New Zealand---For the individual

December: Hong Kong---For the corporation

December: Germany ---For the individual
April : USA--For the individual.

May : Germany--For the individual

June : Hong kong--For the individual

July :Ethiopia--For the corporation.

September : Germany--For the individual.

September : Singapore--For the individual.
April : Hong Kong--For the corporation.

August : Bulgaria--For the individual.

October : Ukraine--For the corporation.

February : USA--For the corporation.

April : Hong Kong--For the individual.

September : France--For the individual.

October :Ireland--For the individual.

February : Philippine--For the individual.

September :Australia--For the individual.

August :UK--For the London Mitsukoshi Ltd.

August : UK--For the JAPAN-UK 2001"ZA MANGA"ZEN CUBE

August :UK--We made a tatami in England. The tatami was laid in the car.
The car was put on display in Tokyo motor show.
It was the car of Isuzu motor.

August :UK--For the interior shop.

August :France---For the interior shop.

September : Saudi Arabia--For the individual.

October :UK--For theJAPAN-UK 2001

October : Vietnam--For the corporation.

October : Sweden--For the individual.

October :Norway--For the individual.

April : Austria--For the individual.

July : USA--For the individual.

August : Poland--For the interior shop.

August : USA--For the interior shop.

October : Sweden--For the individual.

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