The Japanese culture was born on the tatami, grew up, and was completed


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Tatami--Adhered Border Material of Tatami Shipping cost About us
Tatami--Borderless Surface material How to pack the tatami What's New
Tatami making Kit Internal material How to delivery your cargo The export record
Tokonoma(Alcove) Border Tie-up shop in Europe Our bank info
ZEN CUBE Free sample request Inquiry of us
ISUSZE "ZEN" Structure of tatami Japanese pages
Tokyo Motor Show 2001 French pages
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Will you also experience the Japanese culture on the tatamiI?

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Tatami with border | Tatami without border

Natural grass material | Japanese paper material | Synthetic material

The lightest tatami | Thin tatami | The largest tatami

Organic tatami | Tatami for bed
Size of place where TATAMI is paved cm x cm
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Thickness of TATAMI 15mm | 25mm | 30mm | 35mm | 40mm | 45mm | 50mm | 55mm | 60mm
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