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Heritsuki Tatami is Tatami with Border.
It is very popular Tatami in Japan.
Moreover, an internal material also has straw and the woody fiber board.
The wood fiber board, there are two kinds.
1. Floor heating support
2. Floor heating not support

Tatami usually does not have floor heating suport.

This is base of the tatami-mat

There are a lot of kinds of Border, too.
The sample of border.
Compatibility test on border and surface

Size that can be produced (The processing can be done up to this size. The manufacture is good at custom-designed of you TATAMI).
Straw Tatami Fiber board Tatami
Standard size
up to 88cm up to 90cm
Standard size
up to 176cm up to 180cm
Straw Tatami Fiber board Tatami
Large size
Nothing up to 100cm
Large size
Nothing up to 200cm

Straw Tatami 60mm
Fiber board Tatami 15,20,25,30,35,40,45,50,55,60mm(Standard size)
15 , 30 , 60mm(Large size)

The price list of the TATAMI MAT.

Estimate request of TATAMI